Eco-friendly children's furniture

Eco-friendly children's furniture - which accompanies your child through all stages of life

The world must be greener and more eco-friendly, and at Manis-h we have been at the forefront of this through the company's lifetime, as we have developed a completely unique bed system where the beds can be rebuilt and expanded with just a few extra parts, so that they suit every stages in your child's life.


One bed for life

Children grow through their childhood, and have different needs at the many stages of their lives, but with a Manis-h bed, they can use the same bed from when they are very small until they are – indeed, until they are adults. Manis-h's unique construction system means that with just a few extra parts you can extend or rebuild your child's bed into a high bed, bunk bed, pull-out bed, make it longer, or perhaps have a slide connected, and when your child becomes a teenager the bed can be made back to a single bed again.


Therefore, your child only needs one bed throughout their entire childhood. But in fact we also have adult customers who like our beds. Many also use Manis-h beds in the guest room when the children move away from home, as it is a solid bed of good quality and Danish design that lasts a lifetime.


Thoughtful and tested recycling

The idea behind our unique bed system is that you can always reuse and rebuild your products, and you not have to buy new ones every time your child grows.


You can easily replace parts as needed, and when, for example, you no longer need a slide or other parts, they can be resold, and you can also advantageously buy our extra parts used yourself. In this way, our beds are always in circulation, and you can enjoy them for many years.


We use recycled cardboard to package our goods, and our furniture is painted and designed in Denmark at our Danish factory between Horsens and Juelsminde. The paint is a mild water-based paint without strong and dangerous chemicals. It is important to us that our products do not harm either the environment or the children.


All furniture is safety tested within EU standards for children and has no dangerous openings. The furniture has the optimal distance for the best safety and rounded corners so that the children do not get hurt.