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Bunk bed


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manis-h bunk bed

Bunk Bed Frigg

A simple and classic bunk bed for children 

The perfect solution for those who share a room, or if you need a bunk bed for your sommerhouse. Bed combiation FRIGG gives you the possibilty to add either underbed drawers or a pull-out bed. 

FRIGG comes with two beds, you can seperate once you're finish, using the bed as a bunk bed for your children. Then you can either rebuild the beds to different combinations, or use them as they are. 

If you need a fall-protection in the front of the lower bed, you can use our moveable safety rail for that purpose. 

Van: € 742,00

Tot: € 1.530,00

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bunk bed with underbed frame

Bunk Bed for Children

Our beds comes with a molded laminated birch laminate bed base for a better comfort. This bed has a frame around the back, in both gables and a safety rail whoch comes in three different designs.

This model of our bunk bed HODER comes with a bed frame on both beds.

Like all of our product - we offer two types of white; white and snow white. Our standard white color has a crisp white tone, compared to snow white, which is pure and clear in expression. If you want other colors, we've up to 21 different colors for an extra charge of 25%.

All of our products follows the european requirements and standards.

Van: € 881,00

Tot: € 1.650,00

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combi bunk bed vale

Family Combi Bunk Bed

Our Family Combi Bunk Bed has room for everyone.

The upper bed is 90 cm wide and the lower is 140 cm wide. There is room for parents to have a good night sleep in the lower bed, while your child feels safe at the top through the night. 

This bunk bed is also a perfect solution for those of you who have a holiday home, where there is need of as many sleeping spaces as possible. 

You can add underbed drawers to have extra storage room. 
Our Vale bed combination can later be build into two seperate beds without any extra purchases. 

Choose your desired bed lenght and color below. If you need any guidance, you're welcome to contact us here.

Van: € 924,00

Tot: € 1.172,00

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Dreaming of having a bunk bed, but you can't seems to fit it in the room? 

GLEN is made for those who wants a bunk bed, but need the bed to be combined in a different way than the regular in order to make it fit in the room. Here at Manis-h we call it "Space Optimization". It gives you the possibilty to get use of the room under  a sloping wall. No matter what you need can be, the bed gives a different look in the room compared to a standard bunk bed.

The bed and our safety rails can be made in 21 different colors. It gives the bed a cool and modern touch for the kids room. 

Van: € 970,00

Tot: € 1.015,00

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Huxie Arkas

Huxie Bunk Bed

Huxie Arkas bed combination

A bunk bed that is perfect for those who share room. Or just for those who needs an extra spare bed for sleepovers. Huxie Arkas gives your a lot of opportunities if you later on wants to change the bed. You can rebuild the bed to two seperate beds, or you can build it to a family bunk bed. 

The bed is made in good quality to ensure a good stabil bed with a long life time. The baering parts are made in solid beech and the bed sides are made in MDF. We paint our furnitures in water based paint, so it's free from dangerous chemicals. 

Below you can choose size, color and add mattresses and bed drawers. 

Please note that Huxie is a smaller bedline, and therefor Manis-h bed parts and accessories can be added to this line. The only exception is our bed drawers, mattresses and textile-series. 

Van: € 375,00

Tot: € 888,00

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high junior ladder


This high junior ladder is to be used with our mid-high and bunk beds as "slanting" ladder. It makes it easy to crawl up in the bed. 
It has multiple uses - you can use several places in the room or in your home where there is need for a little extra height. 

58x40x34 cm 

Van: € 89,00

Tot: € 109,00

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Huxie Arkasso

Huxie Bunk Bed with Bed Drawers

Huxie Arkasso Bed combination 

This Bunk Bed combination comes with bed drawers where there are room for a lot of storage. With Huxie Arkasso you'll also receive to safety rails to protect your kids from falling out of bed at night. 

It is a good and stabile bed, which fits perfect into smaller rooms or to those siblings who share a room. Should you later be needing two seperate beds instead of one, you can easily rebuild the bed to that or to one of the other bed combinations within the Huxie bedline. 

The bunk bed is developed for kids, but the bed can be used to all heights and ages. The bearing parts of the bed is made in solid beech and the bed sides is produced in MDF. All beds from Huxie have been tested and approved by the Danish Technological Institute and follows all european standards and requirements.

Below you can chose your desired bed size and the color of the bed and bed drawers. Have fun!

Please note that Huxie is a smaller closed bed series, which means Manis-h bed parts can be combined with this bed combination. Except for mattresses, bed drawers and textiles. 

Van: € 790,00

Tot: € 978,00

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