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Desk for High Sleeper

black desk
white desk
Desk for High Sleeper


Smart solution to fill out the bare room under a high bed. 
This desk can be combined with a shelves system, so you child have a place to make drawings or homework. 

Like all of our product - we offer two types of white; white and snow white. Our standard white color has a crisp white tone, compared to snow white, which is pure and clear in expression. If you want other colors, we've up to 21 different colors for an extra charge of 25%.

All of our products follows the european requirements and standards.

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Manis-h is a Danish company that manufactures children's furniture. Our mission is to produce durable furniture with a focus on quality, safety and functionality. 

All our furniture follows the European requirements and standards that ensure your child's safety.

One of our main focuses here at Manis-h is your child's safety. We have taken the experience from upbringing our own children and put into our products. Which we hope you can see, when looking through all of our products only made for children.