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Desk for high bed

Desk for high bed

This writing board fits our loft bed. Create a space under the bed. Here, the child has the opportunity to be creative or do homework. It can be mounted on both sides, so you can easily make your own pull-out of the bed. As well as the desk can be chosen in different colors if desired.

This writing board only fits our Manis-h beds. You can see the selection of high beds here. If you already have a high bed and want to buy an additional writing board, everything you need to mount the board comes in this package.

As low as €139.00

Manis-h is a Danish company that manufactures children's furniture. Our mission is to produce durable furniture with a focus on quality, flexibility and functionality. All our furniture follows the European requirements and standards that ensure your child's safety.

Our beds are built in a unique modular system that allows you to grow with your bed. You can always build the bed up or down as you wish, just by making a few purchases.

All the supporting parts of our beds are made of solid beech wood, which ensures a stable and secure bed, while the bed sides are made of high-quality strong MDF, which has a beautiful surface. All of this helps to ensure long lasting durability on all our products.
Our paint is water-based and therefore contains no harmful chemicals.

All our beds are tested and approved for 100 kg static pressure at a diameter of 30 cm. This means that children and adults can easily enjoy a cozy bedtime story together in our beds.

The desk fits our Manis-h High Beds. Dimensions: 91 * 103 cm

We offer 22 different colors.

Above you can freely choose between the color you want. At Manis-h, we want to offer a wide selection of accessories for our beds that contribute to children's play and creativity. Furthermore, we want to sell products that can be used for our existing products to reduce consumption waste. We do this because we believe it is important to contribute to becoming a more sustainable world.

A child's room is a space in constant development. Therefore, there is room to grow with almost all of our products. On this page you can find inspiration and guides on how you can use Manis-h at home. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.