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Safety Rail for Baby Bed

The Baby Bed can be rebuild to a junior bed with only one extra purchase.

Take of one of the sides of the baby bed and attach this parted safety rail, then you have a junior bed.

Choose below the size of your baby bed to make sure, you receive the regiht size for your bed. 
You can add a junior ladder to make it easier for your child to climb into bed. 


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Anta grey

Denim blue

Azur mint

Anta grey


Light rose

Dusty rose

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Safety Rail for Baby Bed
Safety Rail for Baby Bed

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    Manis-h have a wide selection of accessories to our beds. We know that you child have different wants and needs while they grow up. With our accessories you can adapt the beds looks to all ages and depending what needs they might have. 
    The seperate parts on the site is made for you to rebuild the bed after what you and your family need. It is important for Manis-h that you have the chance to build after growing needs, instead of being forced to buy all new solutions everytime. 
    With our products you only need to buy a few extra parts depending what combination, you have and want.